Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Aspiring Musician

Lindsey doesn't seem to care that the only tone coming out of her instrument is the same note over and over--despite her fingers moving superfluously over the top of her toy recorder.

Reece, who was happily playing the recorder for about 15 minutes before Lindsey, could not manage to play for Daddy on cue. In fact, he stubbornly decided the best course of action would be a little temper tantrum, such as seen below. This is Reece putting the recorder down on the couch and then doing a little pouting. Our last little two-year old.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Cold Stone Outing

The other day we decided to take the kids for a "special treat" to Cold Stone Creamery. This place has some of the best make-your-own ice cream anywhere and the picture speaks for itself!!

Home Schooling Begins

We like to think that we've got everything under control. We kinda do, but to quote Harry Connick, we're holding on with one finger, so the other ten can rest. It may be hard to believe, but we're beginning a second year of home schooling for Austin, who seems to enjoy it, and a first year of pre-school for Lindsey.

Four year old Lindsey was so excited to start, she was sitting down at her desk fifteen minutes before Janet was ready to begin!

Reece, who is two, has found ways to entertain himself while mommy works with Austin and Lindsey by looking through his own books. He LOVES to be read to. Reece is starting to say a word here and there, which is a lot of fun. We can tell he can really understand a lot of what we're saying too.

What you see above is Austin's old room. After moving the furniture out, we painted the walls (we left the red wall red) and moved the other computer into it. Set up a couple of desks and now we're ready to go! We've got the home schooling curriculum purchased (Janet will have to dedicate a blog with those resources sometime), pencils sharpened, lights turned on, and away we go!