Saturday, March 20, 2010

Now I know how a hamster feels..

Last weekend we partied, at the Hamsho's, in the coolest of ways. Their neighbors decided to invest in a Games2U party franchise. Our city did not have this yet, and their neighbor's snagged up an awesome career. They found that there needed to be something for older kids to have for their birthdays or celebrations. Older - yes - but even 6 year old Reece was in Heaven. The picture above is indeed me in the "hamster ball". Even the moms got to party although the fun was letting the kids go wild as we Moms sat and talked the afternoon away.
This vehicle is AMAZING!! There are fun things to do on the outside and inside of the truck. It was hard to get 'inside pics' of the truck so you'll have to trust me that it is AWESOME!

I think the kids played laser tag most of all. Austin, Lindsey and Reece all loved this! I don't think there was anything they didn't love, really.
Elliana and Lindsey in the "hamster ball".

Lindsey posing with her laser gun. Such a ham!
Games2U is truly the latest and greatest to hit our town. What fun neighbors to have!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Seeing Green..

It is so much fun to see people go "all out" for any reason - Irish or not. Breakfast for some include green pancakes, green eggs, and green milk. For us the best I did were these green cinnamon rolls (well - the frosting anyway) and that was a stretch for me to eat something sweet for breakfast. Just couldn't do the pancakes/eggs/milk thing. I guess I don't have a texture problem -- all visual for me. The kids loved it cause it made their tongues all green. So I got some "mom points" today.
Last week Awanas had "green night" and we did go all out for that. Here the boys are leaning over rags as their green hair was dripping. I told them not to move for 30 minutes. Great way to get some "quiet time" in. :)

I was sure adding up some extra "mommy points" that night because both Austin and Lindsey won prizes for being the "most green". Here's Austin going with another green buddy to get his award.
And here is Lindsey with some of her "green friends" showing off their prizes for the night.
Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Remember this?

Remember this last front tooth just hanging there? Well...a little over a week ago it came out in typical Reece fashion. All three kids were in a massive pillow/wrestle fight with their Daddy. I was downstairs hearing the house exploding upstairs and thinking: "Something is gonna happen." Brian later confessed to having the same thought. Sure enough, Brian whips a pillow at Reece and it gets him square in the face, and out pops that tooth. Now we have our last toothless kid.
The before shot....
Here is the after shot all toothless. Yes, he was happy about the toothfairy visiting him AGAIN (the kid has been losing all his teeth lately, it feels). But he was also excited that day with his math assignment. Anything to do with making a mess, in the kitchen, with colored water (or bubbles, or flour, or......anything messy) - this kid gets excited.
Gotta use this goofy grin picture to embarress him someday - somewhere. :)

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