Thursday, May 28, 2009

Backyard Visitors..

The whole month of May seems to be summed up with a deck project. Brian has spent almost every available moment replacing our deck steps while I've been staining the deck. After a full school year, it has been very nice to just paint outside and get lost in one's own thoughts. Very therapeutic. I'm so thankful the kids enjoy playing outside because that's where they've needed to be while we work. The other day we had a turtle and frog visit us while we were back there working. It is amazing how entertaining a slow turtle can be. It gave the kids a couple hours of entertainment for sure!

Now that school is winding down and the deck project is finished, this week has proved we have hit summer mode. Daily visits to the Y (don't know why I find sweating in a spinning or cardio muscle class fun -but it is) and I'm so thankful we've been able to have friends over to swim and even tomorrow spend the whole day with friends. Thanks to the kids for being patient during the month of May. Time for summer fun until the next project - the front steps, shutters, and door. UGH!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This month Austin and Lindsey shared their testimonies, before our church family, and were baptized. We're so proud of them for taking this step and especially sharing their testimony with so many. Austin shared how he had come to the conclusion to accept the Lord because he knew the alternative wasn't so good. He actually had a few laughs from the congregation sharing his thought processes on salvation. A co-worker of Brian's said she would have known - just from listening - that it was Brian's son. She said it sounded just like how Brian thinks. Lindsey shared how she went through the Salvation Flash Cards with her Daddy and accepted the Lord at the end of this study.
I'm positive that I was more nervous than they were. I do remember being so young, when I was baptized, that the Pastor had to lift me up for everyone to see me. Now I would find it SO hard to speak in front of a large group. Our church does a lake baptism and I know that would be my preference. When we went to the last lake baptism it was SO noisy with kids jumping in the water and frisbees being thrown and our family was sitting with another family and talking over a picnic lunch. I didn't even notice people being baptized until Brian pointed it out. Much less intimidating indeed as several pastors are baptizing several people at once.
Austin and Lindsey have grown so much and it is just a beautiful thing to see. Austin is still reading through the Bible and Lindsey is a prayer warrior and will tell you: "Of course it is sunny today. I asked God for a sunny day." We feel so blessed to have these precious kids. Still praying for Reece's little heart....So blessed with these 3 kids!

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Neighborhood fun..

Sometimes you have to just listen to your kids when they beg to go on some nature exploration. This was just such a time and I dropped what I was doing to take the kids (and our neighbor friend) down the street to our neighborhood pond and walking trail. I am so thankful to have jumped at such a time, because we were truly blessed to see all these cute animal families. There was even a family of turtles.

There is a black-top trail, but we did explore off the beaten path just a little bit. It was so sweet to see our neighbor grab Reece's hand for security. Reece took it in stride. :)

At the end of our adventures, we looked longingly at the neighborhood pool. It was open, but it's sure been a cool spring here. Brian did, while I was away, take the kids swimming. We also had great fun enjoying the pool's sprinklers. I know we'll be spending lots of time here, but next time it will be straight into the water.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Rodeo

We've lived here for over three years and have never been to the rodeo that happens to be two minutes from our house. So last night we snatched up an opportunity to go to the rodeo with the Williams and the Stanleys. We had such a great time! Below is a picture of 'the gang' watching a cowboy ride a bull.
Lindsey, Leah, and Jackson were the ones that couldn't wait to do a pony ride.
Erin, Beth and I joined the kids for the chicken dance while Anthony and Brian so kindly offered to stay back, in the stands, and watch our purses. :)

We were out, doing the chicken dance, and just wondering what kinds of pictures Brian was getting of this. :)
The kids got to go out and try to catch a calf. How often do these guys get to do that?

We stayed fairly late, so these are a little dark, but this lady brought her horse up for the kids to pet.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Braden and Reece

A couple of weeks ago, when Austin was heading out to spend the day at a friend's house, Reece asked me: "Can I play with a friend just by myself?" It was so sweet and sincere I wanted to make sure and remember to act on his request when there was an opportunity. So often our get together s include entire families. So....last week Reece got to bring his buddy, Braden, to Marbles Museum for some one on one 'buddy time'. It was such a great time that I know Reece will not soon forget - and he is already planning his next 'alone' play date.
This picture just cracks me up because Braden is squirting Reece with the water hose. Normally I would assume it was Reece being the clown, but Braden really showed sides of himself that I hadn't seen before. :)
Don't all kids just want to jump right into their peas and carrots. These boys did!
Grocery shopping for their Moms of course! :)

After a couple of hours at Marbles, I suggested to the boys that we go out for ice cream. You never did see two boys run out of a fun museum faster. Reece is notorious for wearing his food and he doesn't care either. he did start to care just a little as Braden kept looking at him and saying: "Reece, you are all messy!" After awhile Reece started saying that to Braden and Braden immediately grabbed a napkin to wipe off any trace of 'messiness'. These two personalities were just too cute for words! I'm sure there will be more adventures for the two of them at some future time...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Last Swim lesson for the season...

It's been quite a busy month. We've done family tennis on Monday nights, swim lessons on Tues. and Thurs. nights, Hand bell choir and Awanas on Wed. nights, and soccer practice Friday nights with Saturday morning games. Whew! As Beth says: "It's fun to start activities and it feels good when they end." That is so true and we have hit the end (with the exception of a hand bell concert) of all these activities. A relaxing summer looms ahead. Swim lessons have ended just in time as our pool opens this Saturday!

Reece smiled through all of his lessons and he moved up to the Eel level.

Lindsey working on her backstroke here. She moved up to the minnow level.

It was great to see Austin's stroke development over the winter. He worked more on diving and the butterfly kick. And he also moved up to the fish level.

Reece's enthusiasm is just a sight. His teachers sure seemed to enjoy him, too.
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Awana Awards Ceremony

The kids have worked very hard all year memorizing scripture verses. It'd be fun to go back and see how many verses they all learned, but I'll save that for another day. Here are some pictures of all three kids walking up to receive their awards.

Austin, Lindsey and Reece each finished their books, for the year, but Lindsey is excited to have finished all of her Sparky books and next year she will be moving up to T and T's. Good job guys!
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