Thursday, June 25, 2009


Brian had the day off and so we decided to finally go for some 'free bowling' (almost free in that you get to have 2 games, per child, free and only pay for shoe rental.). It was a great time!
Love that Austin is smiling after making a split.
Reece was determined to bowl the right way with his fingers in the right holes.

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Wednesday morning, when Brian was leaving for the Y, I mumbled to him that I was not even going to get up today. This being just a few hours of coming home from Virginia. Well..after sleeping some more, and quite honestly wanting to put off some of my "to do list" at home - I surprised the kids with going to a free movie at the theater. I figured I could still get some Zzz's in a darkened theater so it worked for me as well. :)
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More Busch Garden pics....Thanks Martha!

Austin was in his glory with those beautiful birds..

This ride was insane! We were going so fast - I was hanging on to Lindsey and also trying to keep myself from flying out. Austin and Lily were in front of us and we gave Martha, Reece, and Sophia quite a show as there weren't enough bars to grab on to so you could feel secure. It was just insane!

Tuesday - Busch Gardens

On Tuesday, earlier than I ever usually see, we got up and went with the Phillips to Busch Gardens. We had such a great time. I was amazed at how well the kids did all day and night. I'm sure there would be many more pictures, but I was the designated adult to ride the roller coasters, upside down, spin around, etc. kind of rides. I spent much more time screaming than snapping pics.

Sofia and Reece had a ball riding the kiddie rides together.Here is Austin waiting for a water ride to fly past him and soak him, again.
Reece loved doing the 'kiddie' roller coaster.

Even lunch was entertaining and the kids joined the professional dancers for some songs.
It was pretty dark, but this is a picture of the band going up towards the ceiling while there were dancers underneath them. I told Martha we needed one of these at Providence.
Certainly one of the highlights was going to visit the bird exhibit. I had one on my head also, but didn't look as happy as Lindsey.

Lily was the Roller Coaster Queen. I road this one with her.'s been awhile since I have done these. Lindsey tried a big roller coaster as well. There were different rides where Lindsey had to tell Martha and myself that God was with us. Gotta love this girl's faith and we Mom's were on some rides where we did need to hear that.

Lily, Austin and Lindsey sporting their cool 3-D glasses.
When we got home Reece looked at the clock and said with BIG eyes: "Mom, it's already tomorrow!" Oh......boy did Martha and I know that. It was a full and fabulously fun day. My highlight was talking with Martha there and back. Great girlfriend time! :) Thanks so much, Martha, for treating us to such a wonderful day!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Monday......Y Slide..

Finally made it to the Y pool so the kids could go on the slide. They had a great time and made countless trips up the walk way and down the slide. This was Lindsey's first year so she was especially excited.

Funny thing is we all went home happy to play mostly at our neighborhood pool. Much less congested. They also made comments to the fact that the Y pool is only 6ft. deep where Stevie's pool is 9 feet with a diving board. My goodness -- aren't we spoiled. Wait until the kids hear that Stevie's Mom has started a weekly pool party for the month of July or August! :)

Our little Reece..loved watching Austin and Lindsey on the slide, but I just know he can't wait to be on the slide himself someday. Maybe next year..

Lindsey going down the last part of the slide..
And then we have Austin at the end of his ride with a smiley Reece there to greet him.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fun in the Sun....

This past year we've had such a great time getting to know some families from our home school co-op. Austin especially connected with his friend, Stevie. This afternoon we had the privilege of going over to their home (just 5 min. from our house) and hanging out. They also have a girl, Lindsey's age and she came out to our van - took Lindsey's hand - and became instant friends. The Mom and I were able to lounge by the pool and talk the afternoon away. What a wonderful time and what a sweet family!

Before Reece ever jumped in the pool, he was on that slide ready for adventure.

Maybe this time I'd better plug my nose!

How can this girl possibly give us a "scary look" wearing pink flippers...?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No more training wheels...

Poor Austin was such a "by trial and error" first born and trying to get the training wheels off too soon - for him - was one of our mistakes. We coaxed, bribed, encouraged, nagged, etc. Well.....come Reece and Lindsey life gets SO busy that Lindsey has actually asked for quite a while to take off her training wheels and we just never got around to doing that. Well....tonight after a family bike ride, Brian took them off and she absolutely just took off. That was SO nice!! She told me later that she KNEW she could do it because the Lord was with her. Such a girl of pure faith.

Well...the night wasn't over yet. Reece announced that he wanted to do it. So...Brian took his training wheels off too. I was talking with a neighbor and turned as Brian was running and saying "Not so fast Reece!" I guess Reece was more than ready, too.

I'm proud of you Lindsey and Reece!

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