Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lindsey turns 9!!

Today was Lindsey's ninth birthday and, as is a common characteristic of her, she thought of others first. Tucking her in, the night before, she told me: "I'll probably get up early, mom, but I promise I will let you sleep in."

True to her word, she let me sleep in and she spent time practicing Tae Kwon Do with her Daddy and then she got to open her presents before going out for breakfast with her Daddy.

Her special day happened to fall on the day she has a swim/Bible Study at a friends house. There is no place she would have rather been. It was great to pop in and see 10 sweet girls, from church, swimming and then gathering for dinner and Bible Study. I know it's been a highlight of her summer.
Lindsey picked a sunshine cake because we call her our "sunshine girl". A sweet friend, from church, also celebrated a birthday this week so they both blew out the candles together.
A few days ago I did surprise Lindsey by taking her and a few friends out for ice cream after Tae Kwon Do.

They got all "sugared up" and danced to the music playing at the fountains.
Yes....Lindsey really does smile all the time...
I've loved every minute of being this little girl's Mom. She truly has been "sugar and spice and everything nice". Always concerned for others, ready to give out lots of hugs, and truly a child of God who seeks Him daily. Her desire this summer was to read through the Bible for her oral readings so she and I have been reading the New Testament together which has been precious.

I LOVE how she gives the Lord credit for every good thing. If we have an outside activity and it doesn't rain she says: "Of course it didn't rain, Mom. I prayed that it wouldn't and God answered my prayer." Lindsey's faith puts mine to shame...

She loves being a little sister and a big sister to her brothers. The other day I was working out, at the Y, while the kids were swimming. When I came to pick them up, their Y teacher told me that Lindsey wouldn't leave Reece as he went down the slide over and over. The teacher told Lindsey that she was there to watch Reece, but Lindsey said she needed to take care of her little brother and did she ever.

A couple of years ago, right before Lindsey and I were to fly back home from Iowa, I severely sprained my ankle. This was literally right before our flight. I looked into her brown eyes, while in a lot of pain, and said: "Lindsey, you gotta help me get home." She took that to heart and helped me hobble all through the Detroit airport, she pulled the luggage off the conveyor and I truly feel she DID get me home in one piece.

I have story after story I could share of our girl. This post could go on indefinitely.... but I think anyone who meets her would understand why we call her our "sunshine girl" and our "angel straight from Heaven". Course you might guess what she says to that: "No, you are my angel from Heaven, Mom." Yes.....she knows how to melt my heart! I love you Lindsey!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I had better not hear these words....

Four different pools four days in a row with four different playdates....
I had better not hear: "Mom, we just haven't gone swimming much this summer."
My goal, tomorrow, is for all of us to wear regular clothes. :)

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The week that was: part two...

If you read the post before this one you'll see that I kind of made a calendar 'blunder'. I double booked my kids with two camps in one week. Thankfully it worked out because the music camp was in the morning and the 3 hr. Tae Kwon Do camp was in the evening. It was a hopping week but the kids loved every minute of it!

We've been thrilled to be doing Tae Kwon Do as a family, since January, and we just knew that the camp would be as excellent as our weekly classes. We were not disappointed. It was amazing for the kids and their presentation night was just incredible.
Here is Reece showing some of his TKD moves.

Austin and Lindsey did some stick work that they had never done before. There is Austin, in the back row, doing some techniques with a green belt.
Reece is getting instruction on how to place his hand in order to break his board.
Broke it right in half.
Austin splitting his board in half.
And Lindsey breaking her board.
We had to confess, today, that even on Father's Day there is no place we would rather be than at TKD. We've gotten to know the sweetest friends, we've seen the kids grow in skill, discipline, and respect. It's just been an amazing journey so far. Whew! What a week!

The week that was.....

We love summer and the special activities that the kids are able to participate in. This last week was quite the week. With me not looking carefully, at the calendar, I double booked the kids in camps. In the morning they had a 3 1/2 hour music camp where they learn an entire musical in a week and then perform them on Friday and Sunday evenings. They did receive the music earlier which is nice.
Here Austin is singing with his buddy Stevie.
Brian and I giggled through the whole concert whenever we turned our attention on Reece. I think he had to choose which one to do: all the choreography or sing. It was a little difficult to do both at one time.
Lindsey loved every moment of it. She was with her buddies, Nicole and Crystal, in the dance part and that fit her completely. Look at that smile. She smiled through the entire concert.
This year I finally got smart and carpooled with my friend, Leslie. I dropped her kids off in the morning and she picked all of our kids up in the afternoon. She also spoiled them with an afternoon swim date and McDonalds on another day. Listening to those kids talk away, in the van, was a highlight for me. I love listening to kids and their conversations.

Now for the evening plans on another post......
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

In Awe of Beauty..

Last month the kids and I went on a field trip to Duke Gardens. I am quite surprised at how taken I am with this place. It is just so amazing to me to drive a few minutes, on busy highways, and end up in such a beautiful oasis. It's a unique place to visit and wander around, and even better to have a tour guide. Our tour guide took us to places I had not yet seen - and here I thought I had pretty much covered all of the gardens.

I just know I didn't fully appreciate the beauty of God's creation when I was a kid and I can see how my enthusiasm amuses my children. Picture this group walking on ahead and Austin, Lindsey and Reece turning back looking for their mother - only to find my nose, and camera, stuck in some bush because I am just smitten with these glorious flowers.

Well...I have found myself revisiting these pictures (now I AM thankful my nose was stuck in so many bushes) and just marveling at God's creation. Just a reminder to literally "stop and smell the roses" as I journey on this side of eternity.

Oh Lord God Almighty, who is like you? You are mighty, O Lord, and your faithfulness surrounds you. You rule over the surging sea; when its waves mount up, you still them.
The heavens are yours, and yours also the earth; you founded the world and all that is in it.
Psalm 89: 8-9, 11

Sunday, June 13, 2010

There is a resort 5 minutes from our house.....

This afternoon we were invited to a "Luau" for Lindsey's friend, Crystal. Austin happens to be great friends with Crystal's brother, Stevie and Brian and I quite enjoy hanging out with their parents. Well...Crystal's Mom, Leslie, DOES know how to throw a party and I knew this one would not be an exception to that. Here are some pics from a great afternoon.
Brian found a great spot under a rainbow umbrella...

Reece has no fear as he just "flies" into the water. Summer swimming fun at it's best!
Leslie had the girls do a hula hoop contest and they got to take home their own hula hoop.
Oh Lins..... sometimes it's just ok to laugh at yourself!
Leslie even had the boys try it out. What a hoot!

All the girlfriends together in their grass skirts and lays...
Oh yes they did do a Limbo too!!

Lindsey was getting quite low until.....
plop....right on the ground. She always gets up with a smile, though.

I even had on a grass skirt and lay. Just when I think it can't get even better.....Leslie brings out straw hats for the guys. Love it!! Love it even more that they have blessed us with a set weekly pool party there throughout the summer. Fun, fun, fun summer swimming!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lindsey's Soccer Season...

Lindsey has been playing soccer for a few years now and really loving every minute of it. Here are some spring pictures of her last soccer game.
Trophy party time...
Lindsey has had the best coach and she just loves it when he brings each girl forward to share what strengths he has seen in Lindsey and also areas where she can work on during the summer (well.....not too much "working on" happens because you just want to play in the pool and blow bubbles in the summer..right?)

Awesome spring season with a great group of girls!