Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This past weekend we had our annual "Pig Pickin". It was at the fire station and hosted by the tech guys from church. The kids love this event because they get "free reign" to climb on the fire trucks and run around the station with their friends. Of course the adults enjoy the fellowship and all the great food.
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Monday, November 19, 2007

Reece is very enthusiastic about his school work this year. Everything seems to be his "favorite" subject. He always asks to do more Math, Phonics, Language Development cards and Growing up with Amber Lamb character stories. Here you seem him doing a math lesson of shape/color attributes.
The picture, above, is Reece doing his letter blends for phonics. The next couple of pages start him on three letter words. Our last child to read! Very exciting!
This is Reece's Saxon Kindergarten Math's meeting/calendar book. He practices ABAB/ABB patterns, orally tells us what day it was yesterday, today and tomorrow. Then he shares all the days of the week and the current month and year. In the picture he writes a number, in the arrows, to show how many days we have done Math this year.
The last picture shows how all the kids like to join Reece and remember their Preschool Language Development cards and the Growing Up with Amber Lamb character story. Today's card was about camels and their unique features. We all found it interesting that camels have three eyelids including one that they are able to see through and keep the desert sand out of their eyes. The world is opening up to Reece and he is ready for it!
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King Louis XIV

In our History lessons we learned that Louis XIV became King of France at the age of 4 years and 8 months. Lindsey just burst out laughing at the thought of a King at Reece's age. She just laughed and laughed that Reece could be King of a country. Reece, on the other hand, thought that would be "pretty cool". Just look at his smile!

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The Wachtels visit to North Carolina - UPDATED!

What a fun time we had, a couple of weekends ago, when Eric, Amy, Ben and Olivia came for a visit. We enjoyed hanging out at Shelly Lake, spending a day at the Marbles Museum and even competing in tennis on the Wii.