Thursday, February 18, 2010

They must be adopted.....

The kids and I had the best time going on a grocery store and Petco field trip, today, with friends from Generations. Here's the group hanging out in the produce section trying some avocados and oranges.
Reece has not let me take a picture of him with his last front tooth hanging in the middle of his mouth, but today he forgot about it so I was able to snap a picture before it falls out.
Didn't think there would be animals, to pet, at the grocery store - but I forgot about the lobsters.
These next pictures just shocked me with how willing they were to pet and hold many different animals at Petco.... Here's Austin with a mouse..
A ferret...
We had the best host and the kids were just enthralled with the entire experience...
The picture alone is bothersome to me. My kids holding a snake. Cannot believe they are MY kids!
And dear Lindsey thought the snake was "SO cute."
Austin took his turn with the snake, but Reece didn't want to hold this snake. He had to warm up to the idea a little...
Then Reece agreed to hold a baby snake.
Lindsey was ALL about the animals..
I forget exactly what this creature is, there were so many, and the lady graciously went for an entire 1 1/2 hours because we were all willing to stay longer than a typical tour would be.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Valentine parties with the annual card exchange...

Beautiful flowers from my sweet husband and best friend...

Special treats made for special people in our kid's lives...

A surprise breakfast for our children...

And, last but not least, love letters to share how we feel for each other. Right along side the most precious love letter of all - God's love letter to us..the Bible.

Romans 5:8 : But God demonstrates his own LOVE for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Hired Help

While most of Raleigh had a snow day we decided to do school. Last night the kids voluntarily folded laundry, scrubbed pots and pans, and sorted the dirty clothes -- so clearly they were bored. We would also like to finish school in time to spend hours at the pool and beach, in May. That's the plan.
After school I hired these three to clean our driveway. They get paid in food, hugs and kisses.
But -- wait guys... That's not our driveway. That's the whole cul de sac! Oh gave them great entertainment for a couple of hours.
I did reward their efforts with hot cocoa during our silent reading time. Lindsey saw that and said: "NOW this is going a little too far!" (Wonder where she has ever heard that???)
I must say sipping a cup of hot cocoa during our quiet reading time was great and I wondered why I hadn't thought of it earlier.

It is now 46 degrees and we are thawing out! Yeah!!
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