Saturday, January 26, 2008

Friday Night Fun

What a fun time Friday nights have become. Heather and Brian, from our Life class, have graciously opened up their home for all of us to hang out at. This is every Friday night. As you can see, it gives the Moms a chance to gab (also the men - DO gab) and for our kids to play together. We've been able to go twice this month and it has been great to get to know these friends in a different setting than church. Thanks Brian and Heather!

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Science Experiments

This past week Lindsey went around to 15 different stations trying all sorts of science experiments. A variety of things were taught including: Elasticity, water molecules, friction, gravity, chemical reactions, etc. A great time was had by all the girl scouts.

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Protein Balls

Many people have asked me for a specific recipe called "Protein Balls". We pretty much make this a weekly staple in our fridge. With these ingredients it provides us all with Vitamin E, Folic Acid, Calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Iron, Fiber, Omega -3's and a great source of protein. The kids mostly act like these are yummy cookies. Brian will eat a couple of them as a pre or post work-out. Here is a picture of Reece helping make them.

1 cup of honey
1 cup of natural peanut butter
1 cup of wheat germ
1 cup of oatmeal (quick or old fashioned)
1 cup of flax seed
1 cup of Instant nonfat dry milk (or flavored protein powder)

Mix all of this together and simply add more honey if it is too dry. Form into balls and refridgerate. Easy, yummy, and healthy. With a recipe like this, you can also add whatever you would like. One idea was to add miniature chocolate chips, but since my kids like the very healthy version, I am sticking with that.
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"Snowed In" Sunday, January 20th

Last Sunday church was canceled (except for the 11a.m. service) on account of snow. It was actually canceled the night before because of the threat of snow. Brian wasn't on the schedule to play this Sunday so we were just going to go to the 9:30a.m. service all together. you can see from our backyard and front yard pictures, we weren't able to make it to even the 11a.m. service. We just don't know how to drive in these conditions. :) (These pictures were taken at 9a.m. Sunday morning.)

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Animal Lover Austin

Last night the kids had Miss Hannah here to babysit them. When we got home, Hannah shared with us that they watched a show about Penquins and how Austin must have named her 15 different kinds of penquins, their habitats, size, weight, distinct characteristics, etc. Anyone who happens to give Austin a listening ear will surely hear all about animals and protecting them from becoming extinct. His favorite section, in the library, is of course the animal section. Whatever his passion, he studies and draws and researches all about it. Right now that passion is certainly animals. I'll never forget, when he was 4, and his passion was human anatomy. He has always been such a sponge with learning and he still worries about his 'epiglottis' working to keep him from choking. Then when he was maybe 6, he received a talking globe. He spent countless hours studying geography. That has certainly been a blessing for us when we don't even know where a location is -- we ask Austin. Who knows what his next passion will be. We can't wait to see! (**the picture above is Brian and Austin at a news station in Raleigh)
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Monday, January 21, 2008

Holiday Mix-Up

The other night Brian was tucking Reece in and Reece enthusiastically said: "I can't wait for Easter because then we get to go on a boat and watch fireworks!" Last July 4th their Aunt Lynette treated us all to a dinner cruise on the Mississippi River complete with the best fire works we had ever seen. I'm afraid Reece might be a bit disappointed come Easter when we can't produce those same fire works.
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Saturday, January 12, 2008


The men, in our Life Class at church, took their kids bowling today. It was a great father/kid activity and a good time was had by all.

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Austin, Lindsey and Reece have started how the New Year with 3 months of swimming lessons at the YMCA.
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A busy Friday Part 3

After the mall, we weren't home very long when Lindsey and I had to head to a Girl Scout Cookie Rally. We spent the evening playing games, making crafts and getting all excited about selling girl scout cookies. Lindsey would love to sell you all some girl scout cookies!

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A busy Friday Part 2

After the nursing home it was time to hit the Apple Store. Brian had to do some business there and they even had a place for the kids to play the computer games. I'm sure, before we are even ready for it, the kids will ask to go to the Apple store for themselves.
When you're at the mall, with three little kids, and they are good about not touching all the expensive computer gadgets -- you just feel like treating them to ice cream!
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A busy Friday Part 1

After getting back into the groove of things with school, we looked forward to a fun-filled family Friday. Our first stop was a nursing home where some kids and parents, from our church Life Class, went to do crafts and play time. It was great fun to see young and old spending time together.

It is always fun to get a whole group of 'little ones' to pose for a picture.
It is also fun to see the adults clamor around to shoot the pictures.
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New Year's Eve

Aunt Nar had planned some fun activities over Christmas, but we just didn't get to all of them. So....on New Year's Eve the kids got to make some gingerbread men. They love to help in the kitchen, but baking is of course their favorite thing to do.

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Snow Ball Fights

In Iowa,Lindsey's favorite thing to do was pummel people with the biggest snow balls she could make. After awhile we just didn't recognize who this creature was!
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December Fun

We were able to spend a week in Iowa, with Janet's family, for Christmas and of course the snow was a huge hit!

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