Monday, July 21, 2008

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ummmm....Krispy Kreme

My friend, Stacia and I went to downtown Raleigh for 'First Friday' (It was held this weekend because of July 4th festivities last week). We had a great time checking out Artspace and listening to live bands. After spending a couple of hours catching up, at a downtown coffee shop, we decided to see if the Krispy Kreme sign was set for "get them HOT". Sure enough, the sign was on and it was hopping with people. We had agreed to just get one donut each. I am amazed at how quickly the sales lady convinced us to buying a dozen donuts and splitting the dozen to take home to our families. The sales lady was quite convincing. We had only gone there once when we first moved here, so the kids were pretty excited to wake up to such a 'sweet' breakfast. Austin was just thrilled that I wanted a picture, but Reece wore his Krispy Kreme hat all day.

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Grace's Birthday Party

Some dear friends of ours moved to Texas to begin their studies in becoming missionaries. They came back to NC to visit family and friends recently. We were thrilled to join them in celebrating Grace's 6th birthday. Lindsey was SO excited to see Grace again as were Austin and Reece to see the boys. Happy Birthday Grace!

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The kids

Here are the kids dressed up for church.
We had such a great time with all of you. The beach was fun, but it was also great having the guys go hang out and then Pam and I getting a dinner and movie night out as well. I think the Homeschool Gathering Place misses your business already. I told Brian how we kept the store open past closing, but after he saw your box of books, he said that they were thrilled to keep us in the store. :) Can't wait to see you all when we head your way soon!
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The Keels and Megilligans at the beach

It wouldn't be a trip to see the Megilligans without a day at the beach!

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Keels come for a visit.

This past Thurs.-Sunday we had the priviledge of having some dear friends, from Ohio, visit us. We have known Brian, Pam, and their three girls for several years as we went to the same church. It works out SO well that each kid has a buddy to hang out with.
Lindsey and Abby working the shovels. (above)
Emma and Austin digging in the sand.
Lilly and Reece launching off into space.
Now Pam and Lilly are digging in the sand.
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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Last Two Days with Aunt Nar

Sunday was filled with church, one more musical performance for Austin and Lindsey that night and then getting our "beach food" for Monday. Then on Monday we spent the day at the beach. The last two pictures show Reece and Lindsey zonked out on the way home and I know that depicts how we all felt. Fun times can sure wear a person out! What a great time and great weather as well.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Roller Skating????????????????

When we wrote out the "Aunt Nar Itinerary" we had planned on going roller skating after the birthday party. this picture shows, and if any of you have hosted a kid's birthday party, we were too tuckered out to go roller skating so we went out to the movies instead. We got to see Wall-e. It was a great movie!
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Party etc.

When we came inside it was time for gifts. Once, I read in a magazine, the idea to sit each guest with the birthday child while they were opening their special birthday present. Then the birthday child could hug them and thank them and really make them feel like the guest of honor. I loved that idea so much. The first picture is of Lindsey opening up a present from Elliana. Lindsey loved having each friend sit with her and she's a "hugger" anyway so she got to spend individual time with each guest that way too. Then it was supper time followed with cake and ice cream. The grand finale was a rainbow pinata. The kids all went home wearing their visors and leis looking a little like they'd been to a luau.

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Party on.......

The next thing we did was head outside for some water/sponge relay races. It allowed the kids to run and play and get a little bit wet. It was awesome having my sister here cause she jumps right into the fun!

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Party Cont'd

The first thing the kids received were their 'leis' and then we had a craft activity where they made their own sun visors.

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Aunt Nar's visit - DAY TWO

On Saturday morning we too Aunt Nar swimming at our neighborhood pool and then we spent the rest of the day getting ready for Lindsey's 7th birthday party. This was her first "friend's" birthday party and we had so much fun with preparations and the actual party. It was a 'luau' theme cause we didn't think the boys, that were invited, would enjoy a "girly" theme.

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