Friday, July 31, 2009

Sugar overload AND THEN sleep over at our house?!?

Recently Lindsey had a sleepover at Elliana's house and by the end of that they were planning their next one at our house. So that next week, while Austin was having his own sleepover at Stevie's house, we were thrilled to have Ellie at our house. That night was kids night at Chick Fil A. They were giving out free sundaes and this is what the kids brought back to the table. You must be aware that neither Brian or I supervised the sundae making. :)
Reece often has a "sugar overload" look without any sugar needed.
The kids got to play frisbee with our neighbor's dog, Bruno.

Jumping off the sugar!
Ellie brought her Bible so the girls had their own Bible story time together before bed.

This was the third pool playdate in a row and I think Reece covered himself up and said: "Enough already."
Sugar high is gone.... :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lighten up already!!

I was getting ready to take some Library books back and had some thoughts on "light summer reading". The thoughts truly centered on the fact that Brian and I need to learn what that means. Brian's recent reading was the book entitled FLYBOYS. It is a gruesome, real life, historical book on many happenings in WW II. It was a tough book to swallow as he read stories of torture and cannibalism, etc.

A book I most recently read is entitled: LOVE AND DEATH. It is a real life story of Forrest Church, a pastor who finds out he has terminal cancer and writes this book as he grapples with knowing he has only months/weeks to live. It was a moving book and helped me deal with one thing I greatly dislike about myself. The fact that I am quite an emotional person. In his book he wrote: "If we knew better, we would cry far more often than we do. Life is difficult. Some people pretend that it is not, that we should be able to breeze through. Yet hardly a week passes in which most of us don't have something worth crying about."

He also writes about the ancient Hebrews and how they were not afraid to cry. He says their tears were considered sacraments of love, which flowed from a deep spring. One other thing on tears: "Don't try arguing with tears. They come from someplace deep. They almost always matter."

And then, if you all don't think this is heavy enough, a book we are still reading together is SEVERE MERCY. I've already read this love story - with a true tragic ending - and yet I've decided to go into those depths again with Brian.

Hello! I think it is time to lighten up!! :)

Stevie's Pool

Austin's friend, Stevie, lives just up the road from us and it's been such a fun summer getting to know their whole family. I love our neighborhood pool, but they just don't serve watermelon, brownies and lemonade there. I guess we've sure been spoiled by Stevie's Mom. This one day many moms and kids were invited over and it was nice catching up with a few of them from our co-op.

The two favorite things are certainly the slide and the diving board.
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The Hutchin's Family

We've been truly blessed, this year, to have the Hutchin's back in town for a few months. Last year they were in Texas preparing for the mission field. It's been a great summer of getting together, birthday parties, special prayer meetings for their family, etc. Please pray for the Hutchin's family that the Lord would provide and that they would very shortly leave for the mission field. Our family is sad at the thought of them leaving, but we know how important it is for them to reach many for Christ.
David is such a ham in Austin's sunglasses. Always willing to pose for the camera.

All 8 kids taking over our cul de sac.

Celebrating Grace's birthday.

Not sure which the kids had more fun with -the gifts or the cake...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Road trip

Because 19 hours in a van just wasn't enough, the kids and I jumped at a chance (48 hours later) to spend the day with Stacia, Elliana, and Jaimeson at the beach. Lindsey and Elliana have had a special friendship for the past 3 1/2 years and it is always great to see them together. I still remember when Elliana was only 2 years old and the girls would cry when they left each other. It could be months of not 'hanging out' together and they just jump right back into fun times.

Stacia introduced us to the fun of boogie boards and we are hooked. The kids LOVED it! I missed snapping a picture of Jaimeson as he is quite fast. That kid even caught a fish while we were at the beach.

The BEST part of these road trips are hours talking with Stacia - what a sweet, sweet friend!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Raddison Hotel's Water Park...

Not far from Mall of America was our hotel which happens to have the largest indoor water park. They sure know how to do it "big" in Minnesota! After the amusement park we went over to our hotel for the night and then spent the next day in the water. The picture below, where a gigantic bucket of water dumps every few minutes, you'll barely see Lindsey as she would wait patiently just to have all of it dump right on her head.

A little dark going in this tunnel, but here is where I found Austin, Reece and Brian on the lazy river.
Every so often you'd catch up with another family member and here it looks like Brian is getting a free ride from Lindsey and Aunt Nar.
We stayed at the top of the Raddison in the most beautiful room. The boys had bunk beds to the side of this fireplace.
Loving the jacuzzi tub.

Here we were on our hotel balcony looking over at the Mall of America. Awesome experience! Thanks Aunt Nar!

More Mall of America

If you've never been to the Rain Forest Cafe, it is worth checking out. You feel as if you are truly eating in a jungle and every 30 minutes they have a thunderstorm. Only the 'sounds' of a thunderstorm. You'll leave the restaurant in dry clothes. :)

A family could have spent the entire day in the amusement park. It's awesome!

I don't know why, but I find these next two pictures- of Austin and Lindsey -funny. Literally in a second they go from grumpy faces to silly faces.