Monday, August 13, 2007

First Day of School

Austin (3rd grade), Lindsey (1st grade), and Reece (just turned four last week) had a great first day of school. It started with "Circle Time" where we are studying the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Today's question asked: What is Man's Primary Purpose? All week we will discuss our purpose to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.

After Circle Time we went through the typical subjects: Math, English, Spelling, Handwriting, along with copy work and narration.

For History they are studying 1600-1850, the early modern times. In their main History spine today they learned about Charles V and his quest to become the Holy Roman Emperor. Their map work also went along with this part in History. There are nine extra books on reserve, at the Library, to supplement this chapter for the week.

Austin and Lindsey learned the Latin alphabet and vowel sounds. They learned that Oremus means: "Let us pray". They also learned five latin vocabulary words: ambulo, via, Deus, toga, and luna.

All three kids did Music Ace on the computer where they reviewed the bass clef, treble clef and practiced matching pitches.

Chemistry experiments start up next week for Austin and Lindsey. Art classes, gym classes and Awana start up in September as we ease into the school year.

Reece knows all of his letter sounds so is now starting his phonics book and blending letters together. Next week he will start Saxon Kindergarten Math.

Austin and Lindsey did separate Spanish lessons and all three had a stack of read-aloud books until Mommy's voice got too tired.

Since we don't do homework, there is time to do some scripture memory and then outside baseball fun with Daddy.

We feel so blessed to have these kids and look forward to a great school year!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

On the farm

Here are a couple of pictures we never posted of the kids playing games with the grandparents.

Monopoly has become a favorite of Austin's.

The kids make up their own games on the pool table.

Lindsey never turns down the opportunity to be read to.