Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So Thankful!!

I've just been so overcome with gratitude over how much the Lord loves and cares for us. This past Thursday Brian and I celebrated 15 years of marriage and went away for a few days while the grandparents came down to stay with the kids. The weeks that led up to our trip were very trying for both Brian and I.

I know I had posted how some of the kids winter activities had a couple more weeks to finish up and their spring activites had started up -- so that had us hopping from one thing to another, finishing up school, testing, starting a mammoth painting project that is still "in progress". Eating supper in the van.....on and on the story goes.

For Brian he hit May with a buddy wanting him to pretty much make a musical happen in a few short weeks by arranging/composing the songs, rehearsing, editing parts, and playing for the musical. He also met with a couple who are marrying this coming weekend. They didn't know what they wanted at all -- just nothing traditional. That has led to some extra planning meetings, reheasals and even a surprise ending as they walk back down the isle as husband and wife. So....on top of his work in doing his full time job, these extra jobs had him at the office til midnight so many nights leading up to our trip.

I think it all culminated the morning before our trip when I had hoped to go for a run, did my warm up, and knew within 5 feet of running that I was in too much pain. (injured the top of my right foot in Tae Kwon Do and had heel pain in my left heel from running.) I called Brian crying and walking home just so frustrated. He is my calming partner that talked me back home to just let it go for the day. And then I e-mailed a running friend who gently encouraged me to take that week off and just enjoy our vacation. She was right. I now have no pain and took my first 4 mile run last night, in the rain, and it was wonderful.

I knew stress was building up in both of us. God knew it too and He provided us with a sweet time of getting away and resting and just being together.

I have a few "May posts" to catch up on with the sweet ceremonies that the kids were a part of, but I just wanted to reflect back on this past week and how much the Lord has us in His hands and how much He cares for us.

On our trip we didn't take too many pictures (didn't even crack open my computer -- a true sign of how "away and relaxed" I was), but here is a picture of something I don't think I have ever done. Even though I've become quite the beach bum the past 4 years I've never left a "dress-up" occasion to run down to the beach, at sunset, slip off my high heels and run in the waves. Well... I can now say I have done that and it was wonderful. May I never lose the awe I have over how incredible the ocean is and how incredible my Lord is!
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Friday, May 07, 2010

Snow Day!

This past winter we were snowed in for a few days, but I didn't want to take any snow days from school when we couldn't go anywhere and have fun. So I promised the kids we would take a snow day in a few months. I was telling Beth about it and we came up with the plan to surprise our kids with a "snow day at the beach". The weather has been gorgeous and it was time to surprise the kids. So this past Thursday morning I woke them up and yelled "snow day at the beach"! I don't know why I expected a huge reaction to that - because I didn't get one. They wanted to sleep. (so like their Momma in the morning). By the time we loaded up and headed to Beth's house....they were pretty pumped about our plans.

It was absolutely gorgeous!! Perfect time of year to go. I felt like we had the beach all to ourselves. Here's Beth and Addison hanging out at our spot.

This little girl wasn't too into getting all "icky" in the sand so she hung out with Beth and I. It was too funny when this sea gull came to check out what snacks Addison was having. We couldn't believe it when the sea gull took off with part of Addison's sandwich.

Jackson and Reece were busy boys as they made there own water tunnels in the sand. They also loved chasing the sea gulls, jumping waves and riding their boogie boards.

Here's Beth and Addison hanging out...

Austin, Harrison and Lindsey became quite good at riding the waves..
The sun wiped Addison out and here she is sleeping in the wagon which made for a great make shift bed.
With Addison sleeping and Beth and I talking the day away, our kids were yelling at us trying to get our attention. We turned around and found this: the kids getting all cozy in the sand.

It could not have been a better beach day!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The time is now!

An annual outing I would hate to miss is strawberry picking. We all love filling our buckets with juicy strawberries that we had just picked. Yesterday we were able to visit a farm with some friends of ours. The cloudy skies made for perfect 'strawberry picking weather'.

We let the kids have at it and they did a great job! We all did some 'grazing' up and down the rows (thankfully this is encouraged by the nice farmers) and had a great time. Make sure and spend some time picking your own berries. It is amazing the explosion of flavor you'll get from your own bucket of strawberries. YUM-O!!!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Our worlds collided last week.....

Oh...yes that is me with a bag over my head and yes I did write: "Momma is checked out". And yes my kids thought that was hilarious!
Surely I'm not the only Mom, when registering her kids for various activities, thinking it looked "ok" on paper but the reality was much different.

Well....last week hit us like a storm. We have activities that are finishing up and some that are short and sweet, yet just started. They collided together this week. Here's how it played out.

Sunday: birthday party and Tae Kwon Do
Monday: swim lessons for all three (Working their way up the 7 levels at the Y. Mostly refining various stokes and dives right now.)
Tuesday: Tae Kwon Do
Wednessday: Swimming lessons and then stuff some protein balls in their mouths on the way to Awanas. Yep...that was supper.
Thursday: Tae Kwon Do 1 1/2 hour seminar.
Friday: Soccer practice for two kids.
Saturday: Soccer games

Whew! I remember walking into Awanas, with Brian, and saying: "The kids are going to be SO tired tonight." He was right in saying that: "No, I think Mommy is going to be so tired tonight."

I'm so thankful for many things right now, though. I see school subjects finishing up for the year. Swim lessons, Awanas, and Soccer will be done in the next week or two and then the schedule will only really include Tae Kwon Do. Summer is coming!

Sometimes we just need to see a little "light at the end of our tunnel". I'm starting to see it. I'm also looking forward to this week with some new, yet fun, things. Tomorrow will be strawberry picking time with a sweet lady and her kids. Thursday is a promised "snow day" with another precious friend and her children and -trust me - we'll be playing in the best kind of snow around all of North Carolina ALL DAY! On Friday is the day that the kids take off with Brian while I have my own playdate with one of my "once a month" buddies. She'll be coming here for "brunch".

Whoops.....since I'll be gone all day Thursday can a bowl of strawberries count as "brunch". :) PLEASE tell me it can be so...
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