Monday, August 25, 2008

The flute in the back of the closet

After supper activities I settled into reading books with Reece and Lins while Brian worked on theory with Austin. I had thought my evening would be a peaceful time until I heard Austin say: "I didn't know Mom played the flute". Well....the rest of our evening is history. I had to get my flute out of the back of the closet and play it for them. Then Brian and I played Day by Day as a duet. With one flat I thought it'd be ok until the song switched to 4 sharps. Oh my! Of course the kids thought you had to blow into the hole instead of over it. Too funny! The kids were banging sticks and triangles to our Day By Day duet so Brian moved into discussing vibrations. After that we ended with The Story of the Orchestra and discussing the Baroque period, Vivaldi and the four seasons (Springtime). It makes me laugh to say that this shows what our evenings look like a few times a week. I laugh, but it is something I'll always treasure. Family nights at home.....

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Speaking of Lindsey

As I sit here, thinking of Lindsey (away at a slumber party), I thought I would post a picture of one of Lindsey's ministries. When Lindsey first left a crib (at 2 years old) we decided it would be a good idea to buy a very nice queen bed for her. She gets a nice big bed and her ministry would be --when we have company -- to let our company have her nice, big bed. Lindsey is a true giver and this really gives her great joy to use her room for company. We are thankful for that. Especially our first year in N.C. when we had overnight guests once every month for 12 months. (talk about a Bed and Breakfast - whew!)

Well......Lindsey has taken her 'hospitality' a step further. She now lays towels, soap, magazines and chocolates all over her bed for any company. I had to take a picture just to remember her wonderful giving spirit. This beats any Bed and Breakfast out there -- I'm sure! :)
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One Busy Girl

Today Lindsey had an 8:00 a.m. soccer game (after having a practice last night). Then she came home, changed clothes, and left for a party at Adventure Landing (picture below). After that party she gets home, does some packing, takes a bath, plays a little and then heads off for a sleepover birthday party. I won't see her until after church tomorrow. She is a busy girl and tonight we are sure missing her, yet happy she is having so much fun!
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More of Marble's Museum with the Streetmans

Eating a picnic lunch on a big rock.

There are no words to describe.....

Lindsey and Isaac playing floor hockey in the Olympics room.

Josiah and Austin at the top of the pirate ship.
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The Streetmans come for a visit

This past weekend we had a great visit from a college friend (and one of our bridesmaids) drive through Raleigh, and pop in for a visit. Heidi's husband (Paul) is in Iraq this year and so it was Heidi and her 4 kids who were here. The kids had never met each other and it has been since Cedarville's 10 year reunion that we had seen Heidi --- so this was a special treat! We had lots of fun just hanging out and we spent the entire Saturday at Marbles Museum. The kids had such a great time together and it was wonderful catching up.

Playing a 'life size' chess game

Reece, Micah, and Lindsey in the back of an ambulance.

Lindsey and Reece working at a grocery store.
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Friday, August 15, 2008

First Day of School.......Because we can

The bookwork has started and here is this year's schedule. (The purpose of this is....I get asked a lot so I can direct people to this list.)

Austin has: Right Start Math (the Asian way of doing Math) First Language Lessons 4 (includes all English and dictation exercises of lengthy paragraphs), Calvert Spelling online, Apprentice Writing, Daily Copywork book of great classical quotes, Memory work (states, capitals, all presidents, the bonus work would be the preamble to the constitution and the Gettysburg address. Also MOST important are the MANY memory verses he learns in Awanas.) History is 1850-present with Story of the World and History Odyssey (plus 5-8 books from Library that are recommended each week). Latina Christina DVD and workbook for his Latin Studies; Required reading 30-45 min. daily and fun reading 30 minutes before bedtime. Zaner Bloser Handwriting; Chemistry this fall R.E.A.L. Science and Physics this winter. Online Typing Course. Spanish (still debating a curriculum)

Lindsey has: Right Start Math, First Language Lessons 2, dictation, early readers, Copy Work from great authors, Writing With Ease, Memory work (states, capitals, presidents, etc. Awanas), 1850-present History with Story of the World and History Odyssey, Chemistry and Physics -same as Austin, required reading and fun bedtime reading , Zaner Bloser Handwriting, Spelling Workout B....

Reece has: Phonics Pathways (cont'd from last year), easy readers, Right Start Math, Zaner Bloser Handwriting, Reading with Mom, Language Development cards and he loves to listen in to what the others are doing as well and next year will be included in History and Science.

Extra curricular: Piano lessons for Austin and Lindsey, Music Theory, Story of the Orchestra (after this book they'll be doing: "Ludwig Beethoven and the Chiming Tower Bells, Mozart the wonder boy and Sebastian Bach the boy from Thuringia") Also Music Ace on the computer. Austin is also learning the trombone.

For our Art History and Appreciation we'll be studying books from the Library on : Hans Holbein, Sanzio Raphael, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Sir Peter Paul Rubens, Johannes Vermeer, El Greco, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Thomas Gainsborough, Mary Cassatt, Vincent Van Gogh, Wassily Kandinsky Georgia O'Keefe, and Alexander Calder (Thanks for the list, Laura S., to go along with the history we are studying). Can't wait to spend time at the Art Museum this year!

Austin has tennis 2 times a week, Lindsey has soccer twice a week, and Reece has soccer once a week. All three have Art and Gym class every week at New Life Camp.

Lindsey has Girl Scouts too.

For our Generations Co-op group the kids are taking Medieval times (Lins and Reece), Bugs (Austin), Government and election (Austin), Weather (Lindsey), and Dinasoars (Reece) This is all for fall semester. For the Generations support group we'll have monthly field trips along with all the holiday partys, spelling bees, etc.

Required reading: For those who have asked me....we go every week to the Library and the kids are required to get: 1 science book, 1 history book, 1 art or music appreciation book, 1 practical book (craft, hobby, how-to), a biography or an autobiography, a classic novel (Austin), imaginative story book, a book of poetry, and a health book.

At lunch I am reading to them The Children's Book of Virtues, by William Bennett. At supper we are digging into every verse in Proverbs and explaining them (I'm sure this will take all year if not more). At supper we are also teaching the kids hymns.

Whew.....normally this type of list would 'freak me out' and it did when I first set my goals. But we've already accomplished a week of this schedule and there are no words to express my joy as to the journey we are on as a family.

Whew.......I quickly wrote this out and have no intention of proofreading (I'm tired).
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Iowa Fun...Goofy Golf with Aunt Nar and Uncle Kevin

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Small Town Park fun in my home town

Lindsey lost her tooth, while playing at the park, and here she is searching in all the pebbles to find it. Needless to say she didn't find it.

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Reece turns 5

We'd always gone, to Iowa at the end of June (when Lindsey has her birthday), so we decided to postpone our trip until it was Reece's birthday. That way he gets a whole week of fun for turning 5.

Reece has been such a joy these past 5 years. We could call him the "typical baby of the family" who likes to be the 'star attraction'. He loves to make all of us laugh. When he knew we would laugh just watching him raise his eyebrows up and down -- he would raise those distinct eyebrows up and down for hours. When he would get in trouble, he would try the eyebrows just to see if that would make us laugh instead. He is loving and affectionate and a joy to be with. It's been great fun to teach him how to read and listen to him ask for more Math. We know it is WAY too early to do any piano lessons, but Brian has said he is a kid that has discovered awesome things while spending hours at the piano. Playing board games, reading books, swimming, biking, and soccer are things he currently enjoys. We love being his Mommy and Daddy. I can't believe he is 5 years old!
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Monday, August 11, 2008

More Water Park Fun

We truly look forward to this every year and so I had to post a few more pictures. Brian did take some of my sister and I trying to get into our tubes, but I won't be sharing those. I must say that there is no graceful way of doing that.

We're not positive, but we think this is Reece's first time eating "dipping dots". He sure looked at them funny, at first, but quickly got into the joy of what we do to end each water park visit.
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The Lost Island Water Park in Iowa

We were busy, daily, visiting with the grandparents and spending time with Aunt Nar. One day Aunt Nar took us to the best water park I've ever been too. Here you find it in the middle of Iowa. We spent a full 7 hours there. We got a few pictures, but we had to put the camera away for the big slides so we could be one adult to one child. We go every single summer, but this was Reece's first time coming with us. He loved it!

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

A week's worth of "Birthday" for Reece

Aunt Nar, Uncle Kevin, our family and Grandma went to celebrate Reece's b-day at Chuckie Cheese. All Reece wanted to do last year was go to Chuckie Cheese too. He makes it easy for us, I guess.

Reece won a hundred tickets when he hit the jackpot.

Aunt Nar and Lindsey racing on a game.

The 'big kids' played just as much as the little kids.

Grandma, ever the organizer, sat down to get the tickets organized for the kids.
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