Saturday, January 29, 2011

January 2011

I truly have to laugh when I said I'd become some 'boring mom'/hermit the month of January. Things can change on a dime. We've actually been out and about more than home this month. We've been blessed with friends who have walked a journey with us this entire month. Some day I'll write down all of that, but for now I'll share just a few pictures from our month.

I really am not joking that I've hardly been at the computer - hence the lack of time on this blog. The time I have spent here has been replying to e-mails. Returning phones calls, replying to e-mails, doing school in the mornings, afternoon field trips, and evenings with friends. Wow! I've actually not even cooked this month - and I'm not complaining at all! :) We've been overwhelmed and blessed beyond measure! Even tonight we'll be spending the evening with precious friends and tomorrow as well.

These aren't the "get together s" where you pull out a camera, but I do have a few pictures that I finally took off of the camera. goes:

Austin's first time 'rock climbing'. Had to post these pictures as this is a HUGE ordeal for our cautious first born. So thankful that he had this opportunity with some great friends!

One week we ended up in downtown Raleigh 3 times. Now...that is a big deal for me! This farm girl doesn't enjoy driving downtown, but we had some great reasons to do so. (and thank the Lord for the GPS my sister got us a few years ago) One was when we met a group of friends to tour the George Washington special exhibit that was at the History Museum for a short time. Completely worth it!!

A special evening making pizzas at a friend's house. Chris and Scott have spoiled our children over the past few years and this was no exception.

Their outside hot tub gave us plenty of time to talk with our friends. The kids were simply in heaven and sure came out looking like raisins.
Another downtown trip, with friends, to the Science Museum. This time the girls, little boys, and big boys all had something separate going on. I was able to hang out with Reece's group. The leaders felt like this group would need the most supervision. Yep...very true.
I did peek in on "the girl's group". Don't think Lindsey even saw me..

Wish I had my camera at Mike's football party. There were a few gals with the rhythm section men, so some conversation was had. Laughed until we cried with Bob and Patty. That's NOT unusual. I did leave that party saying: " men REALLY do watch football when you have a football party." :) Mike had made his awesome chili and it was just a treat to be with so many friends. That was a sweet time that I don't want to forget!!

This next picture was a party at our friends, Jeff and Karen. It was an impromptu party and, like Jeff told expect it hard for people to do "impromptu anything". Well..everyone that was invited came and their house was packed out. SO much fun! It was cold that evening but we still took some of the party outside to try out Karen's new fire pit. I never want to forget the laughter we had watching Brian and Bob go off in their back yard and come back with some big branches. Then Brian would hold onto Bob and jump up and down on the thick branches trying to break them. Jeff comes out and says: "Hey guys, I do have a saw!". I know it's a "you had to be there" kind of a moment, but the laughter was so great!

What a precious month this has been! We know we are here (1) By God's appointment, (2) In HIS keeping, (3) Under HIS training, and (4) For HIS time.


Karen Bundy Barlow said...

We LOVE you guys SO much! I hope this month you have been able to see that! God has great plans for the Megilliagans! Can't wait to see what it is going to be!

Sandy said...

What a blessing that God has provided such rich friendships & laughter (& tears, which are healthy!) for you. I miss you!!!