Sunday, January 02, 2011

Sundays and mentors...

Sundays are a powerful way to start our week around here. Ways that are expected (excellent preaching as always) and future gifts (Steve, our Lifeclass teacher, will be challenging us with the book of James. My FAVORITE book of the Bible!) and a very unexpected, to the heart, meeting each week....having Master Cromwell instruct us in Tae Kwon Do and then sharing what the Lord has laid on his heart.

Pastor Horner gives a New Year's message that I know I'll be mulling over for some time. I hang on to my Life Class teacher's every word as I know the Lord speaks through Steve. And then there is Master Cromwell..

I knew we'd learn Tae Kwon Do from this black belt but little did I know how God would use him in my spiritual walk.

If you looked up his name you'd find that he has several initials behind it: MD, FAHA, FNLA. It also would show that he is a Chief, Division of Atherosclerosis and Lipoprotein Disorders. A Medical Director, an Adjunct Associate Professor and a Diplomate. This is just in the first paragraph. Even though it isn't the case I'd like to add that he should be a preacher of the Word. After 60 min. of patiently working with us on blocks, kicks, and punches this humble gentleman has us sit on the floor for another 30 min. as he shares with us what God has laid on his heart.

Of course with the New Year ahead of us he shared how we all know there will be joys and challenges and that clearly, as followers of Christ, we need to make sure our steps are laid out by the Lord and not our own agenda. At the end he said something (I know you had to be there to get the impact of this statement) that will stick with me for a long time. He said:

Fear CANNOT occupy the same space as Faith.

That was from the Lord and it was for my ears. I read this somewhere and it fits where I want to go for the new year and I want this because I struggle with it:

Yesterday is HISTORY
Tomorrow is a MYSTERY
Today is a GIFT

I realize more and more that I fret over the past, I worry about tomorrow and therefore I do not enjoy the gift that is today and the fact that the Lord gives me all that I need for each day.

I cannot have Faith and fear. It just doesn't work. Only January 2nd and I know I have SO much to learn this year!

It is also so good to surround yourself with wise counsel, friends, and mentors. Looking at my Sundays with Pastor Horner, Steve, and Master Cromwell... I think I'm starting my weeks out right and -meant in the best of ways - some sleepless Sunday nights mulling over all that I've learned from my mentors. Happy New Year indeed!
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anthonyandbeth said...

beautiful Janet. thank you for challenging me just now as you shared what you are learning...

Carpool Queen said...

Fear and faith - One vanquishes the other.

Praying for you!